Andrew Mercer is a committed Christian as well as a licensed therapist practicing out of Northbrook, Illinois at the Center for Christian Life Enrichment. He has a passion for helping clients live in the full abundance that God intended. He regards honesty and truth as valuable principles in forming close relationships, and has a heart for the Northshore community and twenty-somethings. When he’s not working, you can find Andrew running, reading, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

This page is about life, transformation, and seeking both personal and spiritual growth in community.  My work and my life are intimately intertwined with my faith, my beliefs and my identity.  In this most current season of growth I am increasing my willingness to be open, honest, and transparent with what my truth in the moment is.  This blog is one of many outlets for that.  I think a lot, I pray a lot, I feel a lot, and I hurt a lot.  The entries that follow are my reflections on where I am, how I got here, and where it is that I am headed.

I hope you find these reflections meaningful and nourishing and that my journey of growth and self-discovery can be an inspiration and a motivation as you are on your own path.


Thanks for stopping by, leave me a comment or two so I know you were here!




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