I Don’t Want to Date a Country Girl!

4 09 2010
As I’m listening to the radio on my daily commute from Chicago to Northbrook,  cringe every time I inadvertently tune into US99.5.  Now I’m not bashing anyone who likes country music, it’s just that it doesn’t suit me.  Now imagine how frustrated you’d be having a radio that is only capable of tuning in to country. The twangings of some poor sap who’s lost his girl, broke his truck, and can’t find his dog would flood your airwaves.  And even though the next song may be upbeat and have a catchier tune, the foundation underneath is still country and still annoying!  How long would you be able to stand listening to that radio?

I believe that dating can be the same way.  Like a radio and a radio tower, we all have a certain frequency we send out and that other people pick up on.  As we date we emit our own unique signal that attracts us one to another.  Though the person we attract may look different each time, like different songs on the same radio station, there is a way they are all share common themes.  Our dials are stuck, and we keep attracting the same personality that ultimately drives us crazy, it’s as maddening as listening to a radio stuck on country! And yet I wonder why I find myself unsatisfied in each relationship.  I’d like to date rock, or alternative, or pop, and I am slowly learning how to change my dial, I’m realizing the issue is with me and my signal, not the receiver.

What I am finding by looking more deeply at myself is that I can change the station, and thereby attract other people.  As I learn and grow and understand more about the unconscious aspects of attraction and to what and to whom I am attracted, I can find a style of music and personality type that suites me better.




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